One of the major parts in a positive person is confidence. Positive people don’t have a fear of rejection, or a fear of denial. The only fear they have is not trying hard enough to get what they want. Of course there are some positive people that do have fears and are nervous of the future, or what they do that might turn off a person. Confidence is what we all need to succeed, but some people are not that confident. So how do you make someone be confident? The real answer is  trying to convince them that what they may see something as wrong, can actually be the right thing to do, but the real way to make someone confident is you don’t slam them for doing the wrong thing, you try to teach a lesson on the right thing, and one other thing is that the person has to commit to try to be a confident person. Turning someone into a confident person doesn’t happen overnight, it can take a short time or a long time. Commitment is a big thing when you talk about confidence because in order to be confident in what you’re doing, you have to commit. If you want to be the most confident you can, you have to stand your ground and speak what you believe. Don’t worry about if people deny you for what you believe in, or what you see, because people who do believe in what you see, they are going to stay for a while, and they will be along your side fighting for you whenever you’re let down. Don’t live life full of fear, live life believing in yourself, and others. As always stay positive, and happy holidays


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